Roux Mates

Welcome to your kitchen!

Your friends have always told you what a great cook you are, and there’s nothing that brings you more joy than making them happy. You’ve planned to have a few of your buddies over for dinner… but so did your roommates.

Roux Mates is a strategy game where 2-5 players 12 and older compete to determine who’s the most popular roommate by cooking meals for their friends and doing chores around the kitchen. Each activity card in Roux Mates can be used for two different purposes. With a little planning ahead and light engine building, players can leverage the unique dual-action card system to strategically prep meals or manage the kitchen.

A typical game of Roux Mates will take around 15 minutes per player. Roux Mates challenges players to balance how much they want to pursue their own goals or bring their fellow roommates some much deserved joy. There’s too many cooks in the kitchen, and when the party’s over will you be the most popular roommate?

Cardboard Edison Award - 2022 Winner

Roux Mates was selected as the winner for the 2022 Cardboard Edison Award In-Person track.