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  • Will Guzzardi – Rebrand

    Will Guzzardi – Rebrand

    Overview Will Guzzardi is a State Representative of Illinois 39th district. For this project, I worked with Will to establish a new visual identity for his branded materials.   My Role We began by analyzing the old look, what it accomplished, and what we felt could be improved. An early takeaway was a intent to […]

  • Roux Mates

    Roux Mates

    Welcome to your kitchen! Your friends have always told you what a great cook you are, and there’s nothing that brings you more joy than making them happy. You’ve planned to have a few of your buddies over for dinner… but so did your roommates.   Roux Mates is a strategy game where 2-5 players […]

  • Short Stories

    Short Stories

    In this interactive video installation, viewers had the ability to manipulate animated video content using touch sensitive surfaces that I built. The gestures made by the viewer are translated by the touch surface to reveal an underlying layer of animation that reimagines narratives given by children.   These narratives were gathered in interviews wherein I […]

  • La Ruta

    La Ruta

    La Ruta by Isaac Gómez was the third play in Steppenwolf Theatre’s 2018/19 Season. Pieces I made for this campaign included: Illustrated Show Image Posters Program Book Direct Mail (Shown Below) Web Ads      

  • Chain Three and Join

    Chain Three and Join

    I made Chain Three and Join shortly after exhibiting the Twine Hive installation. Crocheting became an important hobby of mine, so I felt inspired to make a short animated piece about it. I used the same rotoscoping animation technique seen in Adventure Tree with the addition of color.   I named Chain Three and Join […]

  • Adventure Tree

    Adventure Tree

    For my first ever animated project, I wanted to tell a story that dealt with the exploratory nature of children. The subject matter of Adventure Tree would later inform my installation work titled Short Stories.   To animate Adventure Tree, I rotoscoped footage shot with a Mini DV camcorder. Following animation, I drew backgrounds based […]

  • Harmony, Inner Peace, & Tenderness

    Harmony, Inner Peace, & Tenderness

    “Harmony, Inner Peace, & Tenderness” is the second music video I made for Stephen Kalinich & Jon Tiven.   This video was especially ambitious in that it used very few repeated frames of animation. I filmed about two hours of footage which was then rotoscoped in full color. To create the background textures, I composited […]

  • When I Leave My Body

    When I Leave My Body

    “When I Leave My Body” was the first single from the album Symptomology by Jon Tiven and Stephen Kalinich. The video follows the misadventures of the duo’s alter-egos. MsMusic Productions released Symptomology in August 2012 along with its companion album, Shortcuts to Infinity.   This was the third short film I animated using rotoscoping. I […]

  • Twine Hive

    Twine Hive

    Filling a six by nine foot space from floor to ceiling, the Twine Hive was a massive undertaking. I individually crocheted each of the honeycomb forms from 3.5 miles of sisal twine and stitched them together to create a hive-like structure. The hive funneled back towards a video projection of bees performing the waggle dance, […]

  • Guards at the Taj

    Guards at the Taj

    Guards at the Taj by Steppenwolf ensemble member Rajiv Joseph was the fifth play in Steppenwolf Theatre’s 2017/18 Season. Pieces I made for this campaign included: Illustrated Show Image Posters Program Book Direct Mail Web Ads