To launch Steppenwolf’s bold rebrand, we wanted to make a big impact and welcome members to the new look through the 2018/19 Season Membership packet. My goal was to create a piece that simultaneously felt vibrant, personal, and informative.

My Role

I took the lead on designing the new look for this project in addition to gathering all the content copy, routing drafts, and coordinating the print schedule with our printer.


Skills & Tools Used:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Basecamp
  • Project Management

The Solution

2018/19 Season Membership packet was a custom booklet featuring a graduated edge that allowed members to immediately flip to the appropriate section of the packet. Color coding was carefully used to tie together the graphic elements of each section.

The final page of the piece includes a pocket containing a mini season calendar and a membership card and the entire packet shipped in a custom branded envelope.